We go through a lot of Tegaderm bandages since my husband received his chemo port. He has to use a prescription numbing cream before each infusion, which we dress with a 4″ size bandage to keep the cream in place. We’ve been paying $32.69 for (50) of the 3M brand Tegaderm. The sheer cost of those bandages alone has had me looking for cheaper alternative, without sacrificing quality & adhesion.

These dressings are manufactured by Kastormed and are 4″x4″ square. I didn’t realize it until I’d received my order, but these bandages are twice as long as the Tegaderm we’ve been using (which are 4″x2″). Since the smaller size is ideal for covering his port, I have been cutting these in half, with no negative affects to their performance. I’m happy to discover these can be modified.

Kastormed bandages apply exactly the same way as Tegaderm – remove the paper backing, center onto your skin, smooth from the center out, then pull away the outside paper frame.

These bandages provide an excellent impenetrable waterproof seal, just like a second skin. I am extremely impressed with the longevity of Katormed dressings – these stay put where you stick them, and don’t come off, until you pull them off! (Side note: they do pull your hair during removal).

This pack of 50 bandages is currently priced at $20.45, which is a $12 savings over the 4″x2″ 3M brand. The price of these, per bandage, comes out to 41 cents a piece. If you’re looking to replace Tegaderm with a cheaper dressing that works just as good, (if not better), these are the one!

• Impenetrable waterproof seal
• Excellent adhesion lasts for days
• Feels & behaves just like a second skin
• No irritation from the adhesive
• Can be cut in half w/ no issues to performance
• $12 cheaper than the 3M brand (4″x2″ size)
• Convenient Prime shipping

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Jennisseeregular customer

So I actually LOVE these silicone foam dressing “bandages“. The middle are super soft, now the silicone outside part is a bit thinner then I expected it to be. I first found out about these from wound care that I have to go to once a week. They used a similar one but the wound care center actually used ones called mepilex border, so I originally came here to buy those but I guess only doctors can order them in bulk or have a license. These ones are not as thick and comfy as ones that one might be used to if there antending wound care but they do the job way better then quaze and the 100s of tapes I’ve tried which none actually stick. The silicone feels nice and mushy and soft in ur skin so when u take it off it doesn’t hurt or rip ur hair, the middle cushion is super soft and thick. I recommend these or something similar to silicone bandages for wounds for here on out and I just discovered them 2 weeks ago! They don’t roll down and then not stick anymore like guaze tape does as your pulling your pants up and down. It’s worth a try ESPECIALLY if it’s for your body trying to heal itself. You get what you pay for and you only have one body. 👍👍👍

Vicki K.
Vicki K.regular customer

Had some skin cancer removed that required some special care over a large area afterwards. These would have done a good job. Keep in mind how big 6 inches is. I did imagine a little smaller, but they would have worked fine.

Joanregular customer

These silicone foam pad dressings are wonderful for surgical wounds. I recently had a total knee replacement of the left knee. When I showered, a lot of skin in one area peeled off and bleed. I am using this pad because that area still bleeds. The area was not near the incision area, but I do not want an infection and the bleeding needs to be absorbed. I can wear this patch in the shower because it is waterproof. A great plus is that there is not pain when you remove it.

C. Wongregular customer

I have a large sore on my elbow and needed a large flexible bandage and these bandages fit the bill. They were a little pricy but I am so happy with them. Sadly, I just went to order more and they are “out of stock”. Hope they become available again soon.

Lori Caswell/Dollycasregular customer

I have a nephrostomy on right kidney, due to stage 4 kidney disease, these bandages were to cover site, but they rolled up on the edges within the hour, they are to thin to hold in place on my back. I will have to change bandages twice a day instead of once every 4 days

Lori Davisregular customer

These are the best bandages I have found on the market! They stick for up to a whole week no matter how many times I shower or do my pool therapy.

LoriAnn Dinning
LoriAnn Dinningregular customer
I have finally found a bandage to hold my patch on. I have been wearing a pain patch for several years and have tried several different brands of bandages to hold them on. These tegaderm like bandages stay for the required 3 days and also are very easy to put on. I will be buying more of these.
Kay Kayregular customer